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Research in inorganic chemistry and materials
Latest publications

- Organic Photovoltaics
- Organic Light Emitting Diodes
- Nano-Bio Sensors
- Biotic/Abiotic Interfacing


-March 29, 2013- Congratulations to Rebecca Wilson! She has received an NSF Graduate fellowship.

-November 30, 2012- Mark Thompson is named a Fellow of the AAAS!

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08/30/16 - OPV Subgroup - Betsy
08/31/16 - OLED Subgroup - Peter Djurovich
09/02/16 - Group Meeting - Abegail Tadle
09/09/16 - Group Meeting- Savanah Kapper
09/13/16 - OPV Subgroup - Jenna

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If you want to use equipment in the Thompson Research Group, this form must be filled out prior to the equipment use. The form must be filled out by you (i.e. the user), your advisor, and Dr. Mark Thompson.

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