SCIP Symposia from the past

SCIP Symposium 2015!

This symposium has been running since the 1970s, involving research focused on Inorganic Photochemistry from USC, Caltech, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD and UCI.  The format this year will follow that used at previous SCIPs.  The shift to a  Wed-Fri mode is to accommodate the Indianapolis ACS meeting that is in September, rather than the normal time frame in August.

Important parameters for 2015:

  • Location: Wrigley Marine Institute, USC, Catalina Island (as it has been for years)
  • Date: September 11-13 (Wednesday-Friday).
  • Cost if paid by August 31:  $220 (check for $200 and $20 cash at Wrigley)
    Cost if paid after August 31: $250
    (Includes room, board and evening refreshments, does not include transportation to and from the site)
    Different universities handle the expenses differently, but USC needs a single check from each research group or university (I will not accept individual checks).  The check should be made out to “The University of Southern California”.  We can provide individual receipts if needed.  Talk to your site coordinator to see how it is to be handled at your institution.
    We must have a final headcount by the 24th of August.  On the 24th I will get a headcount from each group.  Refunds after the 24th of August are only possible if Wrigley gives me the money back, which they are not obligated to do.
  • EVERY student or postdoc gives a 10 minute talk, but the length varies year to year, NO faculty give talks.
  • If space is available we are happy to accommodate spouses, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends or
    whatever.  The rate for them is the same as for the other participants.
  • Sessions are before lunch and after dinner, afternoons are open to talk, snorkel, hike, sleep or whatever.  Kayaks and snorkeling gear will be available for you to use.
  • Outside speaker this year: Christian Reber from the University of Montreal will be the outside speaker (  In addition to being a brilliant photochemist, he is alumnus of SCIP!
  • If you haven't been to Wrigley yet (or have and want a refresher) take a look at the following web page:
  • Housing assignments are found here ≪link to come.  Do not change your room assignment without checking with Mark Thompson first.
  • The speaking schedule is ≪link to come.

Getting to and from Wrigley Marine Institute 

  • The slow way: There are a limited number of seats on a USC run boat that leaves Long Beach (Southern California Marine Institute) on September 8 at 7:30 AM and will return at roughly 1:00 on the11th.  If you are interested in this boat tell your coordinator.  If we have too many requests we will hold a raffle or something.
  • The fast way:  Catalina express runs a boat from San Pedro to Two Harbors that is faster and smoother than the USC boat, but it is not free.  You can see the times and fares at  Make sure that you book tickets into and out of Two Harbors.  Avalon is 20 miles away and it is a long, hot walk.  From where the Catalina Express boat drops you off in Two Harbors to Wrigley is about a mile.  You can walk to take the water taxi, which cost $5 or so.

Talk Schedule: Chia-Jung Yu from UCLA has “volunteered” to set-up the schedule for the talks.  Each site coordinator will collect titles for their institution and forward them to her by August 31st.  The schedule will be posted to this web site as soon as it is ready.